Nightclubs in London

5 Things That No One Told You About Nightclubs in London

Nightclubs in London are popular and almost one every man’s (and woman’s) bucket list. London’s nightlife scene is something to die for – it is unparalled with the same anywhere else in the world. The clubs are open till late and Londoners who love to party lend them a vibe that’s hard to miss if you’re around this magnificent city. From high-end nightclubs to spin-offs and me-too kind of pubs, you’ll find them all. But hey, we have some beans to spill! Let’s tell you 5 things about nightclubs in London that probably no one has told you yet:

  • Not all nightclubs will break your bank!

You may be wary of visiting a nightclub purely because of the hefty bill one of your friends ended up paying. But well, that is not the case with all of the nightclubs in London. In fact, at Sapphire Soho we encourage our patrons to check for group deals, place a request for a personal performance and do everything they want to make their night out rememberable. We love to ensure you’re safe, entertained and happy when you go back.

  • The lap and pole dances aren’t the same everywhere

Again, not all nightclubs in London who advertise themselves as lap dancing or pole dancing clubs are actually so! Many just use these keywords like lap dance, pole dance, strippers, etc to simply feature higher up in your search query. Always look for a place with some history of good reviews (both online and word of mouth). Many nightclubs may try to lure you into hopping in and spending a bomb on drinks and food while the namesake strippers just do the minimal act leading to major disappointments!

  • That one tacit rule about tipping

Nightclubs in London have an unsaid rule – you must tip the performers generously. In fact, anything less than 10-15% of the total performance cost is considered impolite and not-so-gentleman-like. So tip the strippers generously and they’ll happily delight you with more than you can expect (not anything beyond the performances itself though).

  • You’ll have more music choices than you can imagine

Nightclubs in London aren’t just about the same music being played everyday with strippers swindling their bodies around poles. You’ll find music choices right from EDM, techno, jazz, punk, grunge, to trance & RB! Yes, you’ll find music to suit your choices and the kind that you feel goes best with your booze fix! These choices and varieties are at the heart of London’s clubbing scene and it is more vibrant than anywhere else in the world.

  • Women are welcome to enjoy solo or with friends

Lastly, busting a common myth that women shouldn’t frequent nightclubs. While many visit clubs and bars, they shy away from places that are known for steamy lap dances and awe-inspiring pole dancing. Well ladies, you’re more than welcome to enjoy a night at Sapphire Soho. We take utmost care of our patron’s safety, especially women’s. You can come over, savour delectable food, indulge in some good booze and enjoy the performances without fearing any judgment or cold vibe. Many of our patrons are women who love coming over solo while others have even organized bachelorettes with us!

It is easy to be lost in this huge range of choices when it comes to locking a destination for that Friday night after a week of toil at work. It’s your time to put and end to endless and tedious browsing through the sea of over-promising lists and head straight to Sapphire Soho. We are situated in the very heart of London’s active nightlife scene i.e. SOHO. Our patrons have for long come over again and again for the bustling vibe, pretty women dishing out exotic, erotic performances, most stupendous and rememberable stag dos, and much more!

Call us at +44 20 7287 5041 to check for group deals, pre-designed stag party packages, pole and lap dance performances, private performances and basically everything that’s on your mind! So now, shed that veil of doubt and unleash your youthful self at Sapphire Soho for a night of adult fun that you’ll come back for – a zillion times more, we promise!