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Sapphire closed from 24th Dec 2021 and reopening on 6th Jan 2022


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Our love of the lap dance

When you imagine a strip club or gentlemen’s venue, what’s the first thing that comes into your head? Normally it’s beautiful women dancing suggestively on a pole or stage, while slowly and seductively undressing in front of you and your mates. But dig a little deeper into the more secretive corners of your imagination and you find yourself in a low-lit private room, one on one with an alluring lap dancer. That’s what you really want — even if you’re afraid to admit it!

Why we lap up lap dancers

Lap dancing is a beloved London tradition, though a relatively new one. Its origins can be traced to San Francisco in the 1970s. Starting with the Mitchell Brothers O’Farrell Theatre, dancers began charging customers tips to sit naked on their laps. As club owners identified a growing interest in less tame, less cautious dance routines, this practice morphed into the lap dance. From this point on, men were seeking a more up-close-and-personal style of dance. Inhibitions were put aside, dancers and audience members became confident enough to interact, and routines became more overt and risqué. From the 1980s onwards, lap dancing became a global institution, often showing up in pop culture. On the big and small screen, dancers were flaunting their skills and assets, and lap dancing clubs and gentlemen’s venues came to be seen as a source of relaxation, respite and no-holds-barred entertainment.

Sapphire Soho — the ‘lap’ of luxury

Lap dancing clubs in London have followed the trend of the rest of the adult entertainment industry by saying adios to the mild and sedate routines of the previous generation. 21st-century gentlemen’s venues like Sapphire Soho now offer an immersive VIP experience with dazzling dancers dedicated to turning you on. Trust us when we say that Sapphire’s sumptuous setting, amorous atmosphere, mouth-watering drinks and eye-poppingly gorgeous girls are the perfect aphrodisiac!

Looking to celebrate?

Very often, lap dances are viewed as something to enjoy on a special occasion, like a birthday or stag party. They’re a sign of a real celebration and the mark of a very special night out. So if you’re looking to celebrate, make sure you check out our offers, group discounts and highly competitive stag packages, which include complimentary bottles of champagne and free lap dances. And don’t forget to sign up to our mailing list for even more dazzling deals. To book your Sapphire experience, call us now on (020) 7287 5041 or email us at