Sapphire Soho

Sapphire closed from 24th Dec 2021 and reopening on 6th Jan 2022


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What makes Sapphire one of the best London gentlemen's clubs?

A night on the tiles in the city that never sleeps has revellers and pleasure seekers looking for excitement, thrills and eye-candy. What better way to tick those boxes than watching a gorgeous naked girl gyrating on a pole?

At Sapphire Soho, we demonstrate on a nightly basis why a pole dancing performance is the pinnacle of a night out in London...

What makes pole dancing so popular?

Over the years, pole dancing has gone from being a style of dance only performed secretly in the most exclusive gentlemen’s clubs, to being a common sight in music videos and a popular way of exercising. There was even a push to make the dance a new Olympic sport as part of the 2012 London Olympics.

It burst onto the mainstream adult entertainment scene in the 1980s, quickly becoming the most sought after style worldwide, and subsequently the most famous. Pole dancing in London gentlemen’s clubs combines a talent for striptease and exotic dance with incredible acrobatic skill and heaps of confidence.

What makes pole performers so popular is that they are both exhilarating and arousing to watch. When they’re up on their podiums, twisting and gyrating, the curves of their beautiful bodies are highlighted and emphasised, and their technically impressive routines demonstrate control and poise. This adds to the thrill of watching them, but also explains why pole dancing is considered an art form and a sport.

Plus, a gorgeous girl dancing high on a podium, unattainable, with subservient men at her feet, is a truly tantalising tease.

The Sapphire girls love their poles

Let’s not beat around the bush. The best pole dancing performances in London are right here. Sapphire Soho is quite simply the plushest, friendliest, glitziest and steamiest gentlemen’s venue in the city’s ‘sex capital’. Here you’ll find the hottest dancers raring to show you their talents. So grab a glass of champagne, beer or bourbon, sit back and relax in our sensuous interior, and our girls will do the rest. And trust us — your heart will race, your jaw will drop and your eyes might just pop out of your head!

Call us on (020) 7287 5041 or email us at to book an unforgettable experience at Soho’s top gentlemen’s club. Whether it’s to celebrate a special occasion or simply relax and unwind after a busy week at work, our dazzling dancers won’t disappoint. Take a peek at our gallery for a taste of our exquisite decor and performers, and sign up to our mailing list for exclusive special offers.