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Sapphire closed from 24th Dec 2021 and reopening on 6th Jan 2022


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You are about to give up on casual flirting, multiple casual dating, carefree and wild days. You are a wild horse about to tie the knot. Now, the wild horse in you is calling. Listen to it for one last time. Get your old mustang out for a ride of your lifetime, get sloshed, get wild for the last time and plan a Stag Do night with your best buddies because life doesn't give you second chances.

Sapphire Gentlemen's club Vixens and You

Groom-to-be! Listen to your heart have a stag-do party that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Visit the Sapphire Gentlemen's club Strip Club. Our foxy, naughty, sexy girls know exactly how you feel and what you need. It's the desire in your heart and that crazy, raging fire that you need to quench. And our vixens know exactly how to do it. It’s all cool yet! isn’t it?

Your heart will guide you to your love

Our devilish angels have the stag-do ideas that will make you run to the lucky bride because that’s what you do when the fire gives way to what’s in the heart of your hearts. To be with the one you love for the rest of your life.

Select a package for your “needs”

Read on and find the package that suits your “needs” in the best possible way. Nothing is immoral here and no one will judge you because it’s all allowed. Although, there is one thing that you are not allowed to think about tonight. It's anyone else other than our angels.

Contact us and tell, exactly how do you want your stag-do to be and how is that special night playing out in your head? Remember, you are not guilty yet!

Every groom-to-be has to have one unforgettable and outrageous night at a strip club before he gets hitched. It’s basically the law.

Here at Sapphire Gentlemen's club, our stag do packages tick every box. Free entry? Check. Free drinks? Check. Free merchandise? Check. Free nude lap dances? Check. The chance to surprise the stag with a spontaneous on-stage dance? Why, of course!

So if you’re a best man looking for an awesome stag party idea, trust us when we say that our stag packages fit the bill — and then some. Sumptuous venue, competitive prices, mouth-watering drinks and the hottest, steamiest, most talented dancers in London... What more could you want?

Read on and find out more about our special stag do packages, or contact us today and tell us how we can put together the perfect deal for you and your friends. We aim to please!

Stag on Stage Package

If you want to surprise your stag with a moment in the spotlight, secretly organising this package will definitely fit the bill! Your friend will be pulled up on stage to be personally entertained by two of our incredible dancers, and will even receive a ‘Stag on Stage’ t-shirt so you’ll be able to point him out all night long.

Bronze Package

Our entry level stag package gives you the chance really party the night away. Starting with free entry into our club, your group will enjoy a complimentary bottle of champagne, 20 free bottles of beer and the chance for one of you to experience a nude lap dance. You stag will also have a free Sapphire Gentlemen's club t-shirt, so everyone else in the club knows exactly who is the centre of attention!

Silver Package

Our Silver Stag package gives you a few more added bonuses. As long as there are more than 6 in your group, this idea will give you the chance to enjoy not only free entry and a combination of free alcohol (and free t-shirts for 4 of you!), every lucky member of your  group would also have the chance to experience a free topless lap dance.

Gold Package

To really pull out all the stops for a ‘no expense spared’ stag party in London that will create the perfect night for you and your guests, the Sapphire Gentlemen's club Gold Package is the best choice. Everything you need for the party of your dreams is included with this package - free entry, free bottles of spirits, mixers and beer, a free bottle of champagne, and a personal lap dance for the lucky stag from one of our stunning dancers. To organise this stag party package, you’ll need a group of at least 10 people, and as an added bonus the groom to be in question will end up on the stage alongside our ladies; probably an embarrassment for him but hilarious for the rest of the group!

If you’re ready to make your reservations and begin organising your stag do, please call us on (020) 7287 5041 or email us at to get started!