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Sapphire closed from 24th Dec 2021 and reopening on 6th Jan 2022


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What makes Sapphire one of the best London gentlemen's clubs?

Gentlemen's clubs have been entertaining Londoners for generations!

Gentlemen’s clubs in London are known for being the some of the most exclusive destinations for the best, most fun nights in the city. Here at Sapphire, we are proud to be carrying on the tradition of these clubs in Soho, and for those of you who are not aware of the long history of these kind of clubs in the area, find out more about the generations before you, who made them what they are today….

What makes a club a gentlemen’s club?

stunning charming attractive sportive wavyHistorically, these types of private clubs have been a place of solace for gentlemen; somewhere they can go to get away from the stresses of everyday life, to kick back and relax after a long week. They have always been the place to retreat to in order to let off steam and to enjoy a couple of drinks and the company of some beautiful women.

These clubs have existed in some form since records began; as far back as Roman times, men were congregating in certain spaces away from their responsibilities, to be entertained by seductive performances and discuss business matters. In fact, back in the day they were usually a very public affair, not kept in secrecy at all! Over the generations these clubs became more secretive and hidden from public view, which perhaps added to the thrill of visiting them. By the twentieth century most respectable men in the city belonged to a London gentlemen’s club, which they would visit either alone or in groups to talk about their busy week and marvel at the stunning women who worked at the establishment, dedicated solely to entertaining them.

When did gentlemen’s clubs in London first become so popular?

London gentlemen clubs as we know them today took off in popularity in the 1800s, the Victorian ages. These clubs were often located in magnificent old buildings, which explains why there are so many in the impressive streets of Soho! As these clubs became more exclusive, men in London were desperate to receive an exclusive invitation to become a member at one of these Soho gentlemen clubs, to rub shoulders and talk business with impressive men; and of course, spend time with gorgeous ladies!

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In recent decades, the secrecy of these private clubs has drifted away and now these clubs are a popular destination for any kind of boys’ night out, from a stag party to a birthday party. Often, these clubs started to turn into more commercial strip clubs. However, some gentlemen’s clubs in Soho have maintained their exclusivity, for the man looking for a premier night out - and Sapphire is one of those places.

Modern London gentlemen’s clubs like Sapphire are still a premier destination for men in the city

If you’re looking for the ideal location for a boys’ night out, there’s nowhere better than a gentlemen’s club in Soho, the heart of London’s nightlife! Head to our bookings page to organise your own, unforgettable night out. And if you would like any more information about Sapphire, please call us on (020) 7287 5041 or email us at!