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3 Ways to Maximize Fun at London’s Pole Dancing Clubs

Londoners love their nightlife and whether you are a resident or a visitor to this magnificent city, you must absolutely take a stab at it! London’s most famous nightlife activity hub is SOHO, like every one knows – Londoner or not! And that’s exactly where you’ll also find Sapphire Soho. It is one of the most happening, hip, real-bang-for-the-buck kind of a pole dancing and lap dancing club. Our beautiful girls are well-groomed and trained to take your adult fun life to the next level as soon as you step in. Come over and watch them twirl, swirl and swing their slinky bodies on slender poles as you watch agape. But hey, before you even begin planning your next trip to Sapphire Soho, take a look at the 3 key ways to maximize fun while you’re there:

  • Know what to expect (and what not to!)

When you step into a restaurant, you most likely already know the cuisine on offer, typical operation timings and your intent of going there. Same applies to visiting a pole dancing or lap dancing club. You must do your research about the place and know what all is on offer. For example, many nightclubs are touted to be adult fun hotspots but turn out to be a regular dance club with booze, music and a few girls dancing here and there. Hence, always ask if there are authentic pole dancing, stripping and lap dancing performances if you’re looking for them. Also, know what not to expect at a good pole dancing club. For example, don’t go to a place looking for any physical favors beyond what is within the limits of a good lap dance.

  • Shed your fear of being judged and just ask! 

Secondly, shed all your fears and ask away those questions. Right from checking for group discounts to private performances to exotic performances, you should ask for all of it instead of assuming. For example, at Sapphire Soho we have arranged for several private erotic performances for our patrons who haved for them. Because they ask, they get the best! 

Even while enjoying a pole or a lap dance, always ASK the dancer before touching her in any way. Those who ask always end up getting more since the women always love the respect that men show by seeking permission.

  • Play safe (every way!)

Lastly, the best way to have fun is to have it with the mental freedom of being safe. Choose a nightclub that is known to be safe and free from drug peddlers, sex traffickers, unwarranted individuals, pickpocketers, etc. Sapphire Soho takes pride in ensuring its patrons safety and treats it with utmost priority. While at Sapphire Soho, you can safely drift into the world of adult fun and get drunk while our security personnel do everything to keep you absolutely safe.

Shed all your worries and hop in for the wild, crazy stag party for your best friend or for a night of solo fun watching pole dances by exotic dancers. You can reach us at +44 20 7287 5041 to check for group deals, performance of the day, customized stag do packages, special discounts, and much more!