5 Tips to Host the Best Stag Do in London

If you are here, know that you are one of the many who will read up on everything available on the internet about hosting a stag do in London. But since you decided to read this piece, we’ve got you covered for all questions you may have! Planning a stag do party starts with deciding the party attendees and working backward from a budget. What goes after that, is a bunch of well-kept secrets! Not every party with alcohol, loud music, and some strippers here and there is a stag do! And so, here are our 5 ace tips to help you host the best stag do in London for your best friend:

  • Keep it well-structured and share details with friends in advance

A stag do party is always well-planned. It is a myth that a great stag do party is all about a group of friends unleashing themselves and having wild fun randomly at a pub. No, that would be chaos you don’t want people to go back remembering! Hence, plan for logistics, accommodation, venue, per-head budget, and dress code in advance. Giving your friends a simple outline of what to expect can ensure that everyone has lots of fun while not foraging for it. You must plan the flow of activities like games as well in advance so your friends and the groom never have a dull moment. And of course, anyone willing to join a stripper impromptu in the dance is welcome to do so, but for others, always have a party flow handy.

  • Consider the stag’s personality and preferences

This can go a long way in ensuring the stag feels special and enjoys the stag do party thoroughly. Take into account simple things like cultural reservations they may have and their preference for a certain form of adult fun. For example, if your groom-to-be friend comes from a rather conservative background, it may be safer to let them enjoy a simple pole dance or a table dance from distance but not push them into having a lap dance.

  • Plan the day depending on the performances scheduled

Different nightclubs offer different thematic stripper performances depending on the day of the week. Things can be specifically raunchy during the weekends. Check with the nightclub for the performance of the day or the theme depending on the day of the week you want to check in for the stag do party.  For example, at Sapphire Soho you can get to watch an exotic performance on the stag do day if you check in advance for the date and day.

  • Choose a well-known and trusted venue

This one is probably the most important tip of all! A Yelp rating or a random hop-in based on simple budget constraints won’t help you conduct the best stag do in London! This city is the hub of adult fun and nightlife and the options can get very deceiving at times! So choose a venue that has earned itself a name in the business, is easily accessible, and is most importantly SAFE for you and your troop. Sapphire Soho is situated in the very heart of London’s active nightlife scene and is accessible via the tube, cabs, and private transport. We pride ourselves on prioritizing the safety of our patrons above anything else. So you can simply come over and enjoy the best stag do in London while we take care of everything else – performances, food, music, alcohol, entertainment, variety of choice, and your safety! You can even request group deals and discounts if you book in advance. To make your stag feel even more special, you can even ask us for arranging a private performance that will remain an indelible memory of youth in your stag’s mind forever!

  • Plan a personalized surprise for the stag

Lastly, plan a personalized surprise for your stag. It can be as simple as arranging a private performance by an exotic dancer that he once mentioned fantasizing about during his college years! Or it could be as simple as having him pranked harmlessly or having him pulled onto the stage by the stripper without notice. Go ahead and do things that you think will make your stag happy, entertained and pleasantly surprised. That’s what we would call the best stag do in London!

Already excited? Call us at +44 2072875041 to enquire about group deals, special and private performances, food and alcohol arrangements, and much more. We can’t wait to see you float in pride hosting the best stag do in London for your beloved best friend! And yes, ladies are most welcome too!