sapphire soho - best destination of female strippers

Sapphire Soho – Destination of The Best Female Strippers in London

London has plenty of female strip clubs. Most leave their patrons high and dry – the billboards and promises somehow just don’t match the real action! Well, but at Sapphire Soho we’ve got only the best female strippers in the whole of London. Our female strippers are sexy, beautiful, and classy in their stripping acts. But, they are also smart at dropping surprises, feminine in the slightest of their movements and know how to leave you wanting for more!

What to expect at Sapphire Soho?

Good food, great vibe, variety of booze, and….the very best female strippers. They’re drop-dead gorgeous and know how to leave you agape. We bet you’ll dream of them even weeks after the visit! , We’re sure you will be hooked to your seat as you’ll watch them strip layer by layer until your adrenaline peaks. Our strippers are touted to be the best female strippers in London for many more reasons. They dish out looks in custom-made costumes for all that extra drama and add a layer of oomph with their personal touch to the act. Moreover, creative liberty lets them decide how to tantalize, surprise, and satisfy the patrons every night! Hence, no night is the same at Sapphire Soho!

What do strippers really do (and don’t do)?

The best female strippers are the masters of the game of striptease. It is different from ripping off clothes and exposing one’s body. Strippers often know how to build up the anticipation, drop-in surprises, hold back when you expect the least, and slowly strip to the onlooker’s delight. They build up the right amount of thrill before stripping and don’t dive into it straight. They dress up in different costumes and might as well do a role-play of sorts. 

But wait, it is also important to know what these best female strippers in town don’t sign up for. They do not appreciate any advances that are unwarranted. Don’t walk up to them and offer money for sex. Tip them generously and they’ll reward you with respect and a smile with their striptease act. And, that’s about it. There is no after-striptease-sex on offer. You must also never ask for money back or hurl any kind of obscene or hurtful comments. Always remember that strippers are also only doing their job. Hence, being respectful at all times while enjoying a striptease is highly recommended. Okay, let’s put it straight – it’s not just recommended, it’s hygiene!

Where to find us?

Thrilled to watch a striptease by the best female strippers in town? We bet you’re! Plan your next stag do, group outing, or solo visit to Sapphire Soho and just go adrift in the waves of leisure and pleasure. Sit back, relax and let our strippers, pole dancers, and erotic performers work their charm and magic. Just call us at +44 20 7287 5041 and make an advance booking. Ask us all your questions right from prices to scope for private performances to group deals and anything and everything. We love and value our patrons’ questions as much as their visits! Hoping to see you soon for a night of raunchy adult fun at Sapphire Soho!