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5 Reasons to Stop Being Guilty About Wanting to Visit Pole Dancing Clubs!

Across all genders, pole dancing clubs have always been an area of immense curiosity. It is not just men who secretly desire to checkout a pole dancing club and watch the women of their dreams twirl and swirl. Often, women too dream of this girls’ trip to hoot for the skilled pole dancers. If you’re in London and still second guessing the moral aptness of the desire itself, stop mulling over what’s not true! Pole dancing clubs aren’t sex destinations or spots for free drug trade. Pole dancing are also not your regular hangout cafes and bars. They’re more than that and encompass various opportunities to have adult fun (solo or with your gang)!

Well, it is high time we bust some myths about visiting pole dancing clubs. Here are 5 reasons you should stop being guilty about wanting to visit pole dancing clubs:

1. You live only once!

Need we say more? Yes, you have just one life and it is too short to be stuffed in the convenient bucket lists. Pole dancing clubs promise an array of experiences that you spent your teenage years dreaming about. Imagine an erotic dance club with sexy women twirling around poles with agility that leaves you agape. Of course, the act is extremely erotic and arouses sexual desires but there’s also an awe-inspiring finnesse that the pole dancers possess. Why would you want to live suppressing a desire as simple as observing (and relishing with your eyes) a pole dance?

2. Authentic pole dancing clubs are not drug and sex destinations (the good ones)

Don’t worry about being mobbed by drug peddlers or random people spiking your drink. That stuff is only for the movies! You mustn’t let the hoopla around the safety at pole dancing clubs get to you. Sapphire Soho is one pole dancing club where you can just drift in pleasure and never worry about your safety. We take care of our patrons so they can leave the world behind and have fun like never before.

3. Pole dancing clubs have the perfect nightout packages

Worried about hosting that perfect nightout for your gang? Then first of all, stop adding a zillion things to the list and leave it all to one place. At Sapphire Soho, we treat our patrons with a variety of adult fun experiences. We are proud to have the most beautiful pole dancers in the town. Moreover, strippers, exotic dancers, special performances and of course, good food and booze will ensure you have a blast!

4. Watching a pole dance is perfectly moral

As long as, you’re not cheating on your partner, watching a pole dance has got little to do with infidelity. Furthermore, it is as good as appreciating any other form of art, for example, an erotic painting! So, shed your inhibitions and live your adulting dreams! In for more adventure? In fact, why not relish a performance with your partner? It’s time we take the taboo off this world’s most loved erotic act!

5. Pole dancing clubs are legal in London

Pole dancing clubs were a private affair and were open to only certain gentlemen in the past. However, today, they are open to every adult in London. So now, everyone desiring to watch a pole dance can be assured that the clubs are legally allowed to operate. It means you’re not engaging in any risky or illegal activity by visiting a pole dancing club.

Excited to watch a blink-and-you-miss pole dancing performance? Look no further and make your advance booking at Sapphire Soho. We are situated in the heart of London’s active nightlife scene and are accessible practically via any tube. Call at +44 20 7287 5041 to make a booking and check for group deals.