Sapphire Soho Strip club

What to Expect at Sapphire Soho Strip Club

Bonjour and a Happy New Year ! Congratulations, you have made it through a rough year. With the pandemic sucking the happiness out of our lives, we applaud the ones who still want to look sexy and feel sexy.

Strip clubs in London have revamped their spirits and are ready to roll in full gear.

One of the best nights is done right with Sapphire Soho. Catering to all age groups, this place pleases and teases all your desires.

In the heart of Soho, you can find a power-packed evening at Sapphire Soho Strip club to make a memorable night out of it. Let’s walk you through some of the top rated experiences just so you know what you’ll miss if you don’t turn up.

What to expect at Sapphire Soho :

  1. Boy! She got the moves

Stunning performances by our highly trained party strippers. If you’re in for a wild night, we’ve got you covered. Loosen up that work tie and get ready to steam things up with our sensational strippers.

  1. Lap dance is on the house!

You might overrule the idea of a Lap dance thinking it might cost you way too much. Don’t worry, it’s on the house if you step in after 8pm.

  1. Affordable Stag do parties

Dear Bachelor, we vow to protect your pocket albeit for the last time. Keeping in mind the cost of stag do entries in London, Sapphire Soho has the best Stag do packages. Not only do we include the drinks and stage shows but also provide a nude lap dancing experience for the groom. Check out our Bronze, Silver and Gold packages that fits your budget.

  1. Happy Drinking during Happy hours

Sapphire Soho is one of the premium stripe clubs in London and so is the experience. To get the party started, we have happy hours, from Monday to Friday. Boring lunch ? Spice it up with at only 2.5£ per pint before 8 pm. To dial it up a notch, we also have special packages for champagne as well as on-the-house spirits. Everything at half the price before 12am!

  1. F also stands for Fun and Friendly

Our gorgeous girls at Sapphire are the icing on the cake when it comes to letting loose. The experience in Sapphire is truly unique. Apart from pole dances and club music, we have cosy VIP rooms to make the night more fun. That vivacious smile on her is all what you need to get comfortable. Keeping in mind the rules, one is free to have a light hearted conversation with the sexy girls.

  1. Tippy Tippy Tap which colour you want? We have it all

If you find yourself choosy, we got you. Our finest dancers are here to tickle your wildest fantasies in the hottest attire possible. Be it a sexy lingerie or a sensual object to lure your imagination, our girls dressed in a seductive two piece can make your dream come true. Sapphire Soho promises nothing but pure pleasure at affordable prices.

Block the date and book a package that fits you the best.