Stag Do Party

Choose Sapphire Soho for the Best London Stag Do Party Ever!

A stag do party is almost on every groom’s fantasy checklist. And, as his best friend, you must choose the best place and have a tight plan to nail the night for him. Of course, girls are also welcome to host stag do parties for their bride-to-be friends!  

Raunchy adult fun, cocky, beautiful babes, and a night soaked in the splendor of music, booze, and good food – ooh, that sounds like a plan! Host a stag do party at Sapphire Soho and leave your troop satiated to the core. At Sapphire Soho, they can relish a wide range of adult fun experiences. Complete your stag do party with extensive opportunities to unwind and have fun without restraints. 

We’ve got you covered, quite literally! We mean, from lap dancing to pole dancing to stripping and private performances, you’ll find them all at Sapphire Soho. Hence, there is nothing left to your lazy imagination for our beautiful and bold girls twirl around you pulling you in the ecstasy of the night. Dunk in the smoke of lust and luxury and don’t look back once you’re at Sapphire Soho. That said, you’re safe while you party away the night. We take your safety with utmost seriousness. Also, there’s no room for after-party-guilt for we don’t endorse any sexual intimacy or loose interactions. 

What Should a Stag Do Party Look Like?

A great stag do party is replete only with lots of adult fun, and opportunities to let loose and live boyhood dreams. Beautiful girls, good booze, great music, and of course delicious food all make up for that stag do party of every man’s dreams. Who doesn’t want to feel the warmth of a lap dance and pamper their eyes with the sights of beautiful, sexy women in 7-inch heels?

A great stag do party often also has curated experiences for the groom to be. Things like exotic private performances and adult games are often most sought after. Games like adult lego, spin a bottle and many others can be orchestrated by our staff upon request. We love going the extra mile to make your stag do party a hit – a rememberable hit!

Why choose Sapphire Soho?

Confused when it comes to hosting a stag do party? Well, if you’re in London, you’d want to host it where the real nightlife is. We’re situated in the heart of London’s active nightlife scene. Moreover, we offer group packages and deals that are almost impossible to ignore. And of course, the prettiest girls who are aces of their game work with us and we love to spoil our patrons! 

So, hop in and leave your groom with indelible memories of their stag do party in London. Reach us at +44 20 7287 5041 for reservations and all other queries. To reach us via any tube or cab, follow the map for the address: 4 Carlisle Street. London W1D 3BJ United Kingdom. See you soon at your friend’s wild, crazy and fun stag do party at Sapphire Soho!